Heroes of Lowhelm were founded by William Cho with significant help from Blockchain Andy. William and Andy have formed the necessary team to bring the vision, a reality. The team also consists of Ron Privado and Melanie…

HEROES OF LOWHELM – The Foundation

The foundation of Heroes of Lowhelm was created not just by the core team, but by the community as well. In Q4 of 2021, HOL presented concept artwork made by freelancers to the Zilliqa community with the idea of creating a JRPG Video Game using these units. By running a small fundraiser to the community by whitelisting, the project was able to get enough funding to kick start the development of the video game! The core team initially had plans to hire individuals to create all the artwork & animations to supply a game studio for development, however that did not turn out so well when it was difficult to find high-end artists & animators. We had to find professional studios for everything. We’ve came across a studio whose done work for big brands and names, but we ultimately decided not to work with them because they had zero experience in our style of artwork and believed it to be a huge risk factor. Thankfully, we’ve found HPL Game Corporation & Definite Studios which were very excited to collaborate to build Heroes of Lowhelm. We were quickly able to settle on our own style of artwork & animations and began steam production. While the studios are busy with the video game, the team continues to keep the community well-informed. So far, everyone is very stoked to bringing a mere vision, a reality!