Heroes of lowhelm is a Turn-based JRPG mobile game on Zilliqa Blockchain to incentivize ‘Play&Earn’ and to share game sales to investors.

Storyline Summary

In the year 3000 on the planet of Lowhelm, A civilized world built from humanity separated into five prosperous Kingdoms according to their origin and divine elemental spirit. The Valia Kingdom (Forest), The Kura Kingdom (Fire), The Napia Kingdom (Water), The Dregon Kingdom (Light), and The Elysium Kingdom (Dark). Each Kingdom is unique but has one thing in common. They all trained and housed the finest Warriors, Assassins, and Mages to strengthen their arms and defenses. It seemed nothing could stand in the way of the people of Lowhelm until one unexpected night where calamity fell. The darkest nightmare, an unprovoked attack, an invasion from alien species of the planet Xautania, known as Murins, ripped through the lands spreading fear, destruction, and death. The overwhelming bloodshed did not stop until the invaders from Xautania successfully conquered all five Kingdoms of Lowhelm in pure devastation. An outraged defeat and for those who were lucky to survive, vengeance burnt in their souls. For those who have overcome their grief and found their resolve and seek revenge, the time was now to make a move and venture out of hiding, seek survivors, unite, train, build, grow and fight to take back their home planet from the Murins and rise as Heroes of Lowhelm.

Blockchain Utility

Almost all traditional mobile games do not give ownership of assets purchased from the game to their Players; often this is a bannable result for selling accounts off market. In HOL, we want Players to own the assets they spend money on and have the ability to sell those assets whenever they want. We will offer an in-game marketplace for Players to buy/sell/trade their assets!

Traditional games also rake in most of the profits. Don’t forget Google Play and iOS Store that takes a hefty ~30% commission per in-app purchase. Thanks to blockchain and the new era of Blockchain Gaming, we are now able to offer investors a portion of the video game sales. This is an option for an investor who is not a gamer but wishes to invest into HOL. This investor would stake $HOL to earn dividends from the premium game sales.

Game Information

Hero Information

Each hero has their own Natural Star Grade Level, Element, Class, Base Stats, Skills, & Lore.

Hero stats and skills can be upgraded by meeting certain requirements and stats can be boosted by wearing equipment.

**Heroes & Equipment are assets minted as NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Natural Star Grade Level

All heroes and equipment come in various Natural Star Grade levels ranging from 1* to 5*. All assets can be evolved to 6* which is the highest star grade level achievable. Each star grade level has a maximum level achievable. Heroes can be leveled up by completing PVE Story Mode Stages and/or by using Hero EXP potions. Equipment can be leveled up by using Equipment EXP Potions. Evolving units and equipment will require a duplicate asset as evolution material. NOTE: Evolving Heroes will also require Element Stones as material.

Hero Stats & Skills

Heroes utilize the following stats: Attack, Defense, Hitpoints, Speed, Critical Hit Rate %, Critical Hit Damage %, Resistance, & Accuracy.

All heroes also have a total of 4 abilities which can all be upgraded using duplicate heroes & element stones as materials: Passive, Regular Attack, Regular Skill, Ultimate Skill


The game has 5 different elements. The elements offer advantages/disadvantages over each other.

The elements are: Fire, Water, Forest, Light, & Dark.

Please refer to the chart below.


Each Hero can equip up to 6 pieces of equipment: (A) Head (B) Body (C) Boots (D) Weapon (E) Necklace (F) Ring

Each piece of equipment has its own Natural Star Grade Level from 1* to 5* (higher star grade level has more substats) and are class specific. All equipment can be evolved to 6*.

Each piece of equipment also offers different pools of substats chosen in random.

Natural 5*  Equipment comes with a SET ability when combined with the same set equipment can offer stat boost to the hero equipping it.

All equipment also has 1% chance upon minting, to have a CHAOTIC Trait. This trait adds an additional random substat to your equipment.

Hero Leveling & Evolutions

Heroes can be leveled by playing them in PVE Storymode OR by feeding Hero EXP Potions. Each hero has a maximum level cap based on their current Star Grade Level. When the hero reaches maximum level and can be evolved into another Star Tier, the Player can evolve the unit by paying $CAST, a Duplicate Hero of the same Star Grade Level, and Element Stones (depends which tier and type of element stones based on unit element and star grade level).

Equipment Leveling & Evolutions

Equipment can be only leveled by feeding Equipment EXP Potions. Each equipment has a maximum level cap based on their current Star Grade Level. When the equipment reaches maximum level and can be evolved into another Star Tier, the Player can evolve the equipment by paying $CAST and a Duplicate Equipment of the same Star Grade Level.

Team Formations

Teams are made up of up to 5 heroes. You may use less, if desired. Players may choose between four different formations to strategically form teams for battle. If the hero positioned in the LEADER slot has a Leader Ability, then that ability will activate at the start of the battle.

Gameplay NOTE:Concept UI Design IS WESTERN & expected finish to look JANIME.

HOL is a TURN-BASED game using teams of 5 using specific formations. Players utilize their units’ abilities to clear the battles. Speed is the determining factor of who goes first. If the units from both parties with the highest speed have the same amount of speed, 50% random who goes first. Speed determines the turn order and can also change based on actions on the battlefield. The units on the field then take turns attacking/casting abilities. Some attacks and skills may offer (buff/debuff/disabling procs) and if the unit(s) are affected, they will have the appropriate buff/debuff icon above their HP bar. Defeating all enemies in the battle will complete the battle in the Player’s favor.

(Buffs are Blue, Debuffs are Red. All have their own Icons.)

Hero Summoning (Minting)

Players can summon heroes from 3 different pools:

(1) 1*-3* Fire/Water/Forest Summons which uses $CAST.

(2) 3*-5* Fire/Water/Forest Summons which uses $HOL.

(3) 3*-5* Dark/Light Summons which can only be obtained from (a) Grinding in-game for Hero Dust (when acquired required amount, can be combined for a summoning ticket),  (b) Summoning 3*-5* FIRE/WATER/FOREST Units, or (c ) Converting currently owned units into Hero Dust. Every 200 Premium Summons, you get one 3*-5* Dark/Light Summon Ticket.

Note: The cost of Premium Summons will start at $25/Summon and will go up by $5 every 2500 Premium Units Summoned from the Premium Pools until the cost per Summon ecomes $100.

Equipment Summoning (Minting)

Players can summon heroes from 2 different pools:

(1) 1*-3* Equipment Summon which uses $CAST.

(2) 3*-5* Equipment Summon which uses $HOL.

The prices of both common and premium summons are always fixed.

Guild Lands & Guilds

Players can purchase unowned land (PLOTS) to either sell to other players or to build a Guild Castle on the land or to build a Guild Mine if eligible. Each account may only create/be in one guild castle at a time.  Guilds can hold up to 30 members. Guilds can be upgraded but it will require an additional PLOT touching their already-owned PLOT that contains the Guild Castle. Upgrading Guild Castles allows the Guild Owners to add additional Guild Mines and offer global stat boosts based on the upgrades the Guild Owner chooses upon each upgrade. If no plots are available to purchase around your owned-guild plot, then the Guild Owner may send buy offers to player-owned-plots to try to obtain the plots they need for upgrading. In the event the guild owner is unsuccessful at purchasing the required plot for upgrades, the Guild Owner may choose to pay to move their land(s) to another area for a fee. Each guild mine that the guild owns can generate a fixed amount of

$CAST for each member daily. Guild Members will deposit a Hero which will (1) help defend the mine from other attackers to prevent income theft and (2) help mine $CAST. If a Player decides to sell a Plot, and there is a guild castle on the plot, the guild castle will be destroyed. If there are guild mines on the plots being sold, the mines will be transferred to the new owner and the level of the mine will be downgraded to Level 1. As the plots get bought out in the Guild Lands over time and as Playerbase grows, the Guild Lands Map will also grow.

Game Mode: PVE Story

Story mode is where Players run stages to progress. Completing stages adds EXP to the Player’s Account and to Heroes that were used to beat the stage. Completing a stage rewards players and can have higher chances at better rewards clearing the stage with less units of your own dying. Stage rewards include $CAST, Stamina, Hero EXP Potions, and Equipment EXP Potions.

Game Mode: PVP Arena

PVP Arena is where Players can compete to place in weekly rankings for Rewards such as $HOL & $CAST. Every Sunday, the rankings will be calculated and reset and a new week begins. Each Player will be replenished 5 Arena attacks per day and does not recover past above 5 if you have attacks remaining for the day. Players will set Defensive Teams to defend from other attackers and create Offensive Teams to battle. Players may choose their opponent from a list of opponents who are in the similar rankings as the Player.You can gain/lose minor points in defensive battles while earn/lose more points during an Offensive Battle. If you run out of Arena attacks, you may spend $HOL to replenish 5 attacks. Every ARENA BATTLE WIN awards the Player 1 ARENA COIN which is used in the ARENA SHOP (these coins are bound to each account).

Game Mode: Element Stone Dungeon

Players will need to grind in the Element Stone Dungeon to farm upgrade/evolution materials. There are 5 different dungeons (one for each element) and each dungeon contains 12 Floors. Each day will open 2 different dungeons and on Sundays all dungeons are open. Higher floors are more difficult but drop rarer materials.

Game Mode: Tower of Lowhelm

Tower of Lowhelm consists of 100 difficult stages. Each month, the stages reset. Will you be able to defeat all 100 floors of the tower?

Game Mode: Mine Raids

A guild income generation game. Work together as a guild to defend your Guild Mines from attackers to save your mining from attackers. Attack other mines owned by other guilds to attempt to steal a portion of their daily guild mining yield!

Game Mode: World Boss

Each day has a different boss summoned in which Players may participate to attack. Every Player replenishes two attacks per day to attack the World Boss. Players accumulate points based on how much damage is done to the boss. Players are ranked based on points accumulated. Earn more $HOL and $CAST as you place higher in rankings.

Game Mode: Guild Wars

Fight against a different guild every week for weekly and monthly rewards! Each week, each guild member must set a Defense Team during the War Preparation Period (Mondays) to participate in the Guild War. Tuesday-Sunday is the attacking period. Each participating member is given 2 attacks for the week. Members’ goal is to wipe out all of enemy Defense Teams in full. Each enemy can award up to 3 points.

In attack, if you lose the battle, you will earn 0 points and the enemy will be allowed to be attacked again but subtracts an attack.

In an attack, if you defeat all the units of the enemy team without anyone dying from your team, you will be awarded 3 points.

In attack, if you defeat an enemy with 3-4 units remaining, you will earn 2 points and the enemy can be attacked again to earn 1 more point.

In attack, if you defeat an enemy with 1-2 units remaining, you earn 1 point and the enemy can be attacked again to earn up to 2 more points.

First guild to knock out all the enemies at maximum points win for the week OR whichever guild ends up with more points between the two at the end of the week wins.

Weekly wins give weekly rewards.

For four weeks, your War Points accumulate and at the end of the 4th week, will place monthly rankings for bigger rewards.

Game Mode: Guild Boss

Each week a new boss is summoned.

The 1st week of the month will always be the same boss.

The 2nd week of the month will always be the same boss.

The 3rd week of the month will always be the same boss.

The 4th week of the month will always be the same boss.

Each day, every Guild Member will be given two attacks to attack the guild boss each day who is actually unkillable. Dealing damage to the boss accumulates points to the guild.

Every Sunday night, the points are calculated and guilds are ranked based on points. Guilds will be rewarded based on ranking and each member will receive the same reward based on the guild’s placement.

Game Feature: Hero Expeditions (Unit Staking)

Send heroes out on expeditions to hunt treasure and other in-game assets! Multiple expeditions with different journeys unlock as your Player Account levels up. Expedition rewards include: $CAST, Stamina Potions, Minor amount of $HOL, Random Element Stones, Hero EXP Potions, and Equipment EXP Potions.

Possible Expeditions: 12HR, 24HR, 1Week, 2Weeks, 1 MONTH

Each Expedition will require a random group of heroes allowed. The different groups include: All Fire Units, All Water Units, All Forest Units, All Dark Units, All Light Units, 4*+ units,  5*+ units, 6* Units, Warrior Class Units, Assassin Class Units, Hunter Class Units, and Mage Class Units.

Note: Players may refresh an expedition if they want to try to get another GROUP. It costs $CAST to refresh.

Game Feature: Hero Loans

Players may choose to lock any of their units to loan out. While the units are locked, they cannot be used anywhere else until it is unlocked from being loaned out. Players will be able to see a global list of rentable units to choose from in their PVE Story Mode Stage Preparation screen. In the event a Player rents a unit to play the stage, 50% of the $CAST earned from the stage will be shared to the loanee. Each unit may be rented up to 10 times a day. If the Player renting the unit loses the stage, the rent counter does not count.

Game Feature: Common Shop

A shop selling common assets for $CAST.

Game Feature: Arena Shop

A shop selling common and premium assets for Arena Coins which are obtained from winning battles in PVP Arena.

Game Feature: In-Game Marketplace

Players can buy/sell their Heroes, Equipment, Lands, and Hero Skins here using $HOL. There is a 7.5% Sales Tax on every sale which 2/3rds of the Sales Tax goes to $HOL Staking Rewards and 1/3rd of the Sales Tax goes to the team.

Application Feature: Asset Deposit and Withdrawals (Currency Management)

Players wishing to play must connect to the game using Zilpay Mobile. Each account is tied to one wallet address. All deposits to in-game are to the same address (game contract address) and the game will determine which account the deposit belongs to based on the sender’s address (always deposit funds using the address tied to your account). All withdrawals are made directly to the linked wallet address. Change of wallet address is available with strict requirements/verifications and a fee.



$HOL is the main token and acts as premium currency in the game. $HOL can be used to summon rare units and rare equipment. All premium hero and equipment sales have 60% of the tokens go towards the $HOL Staking contract as rewards, 30% will buy back $CAST then burn it, 5% to future marketing/development, and 5% to the team.


$CAST (CASTPOINTS) is the main in-game currency of $HOL. It is used for everything else besides Premium Unit Summoning, Premium Equipment Summoning, Purchasing Guild Lands, Purchasing a Guild Castle, Purchasing Guild Mines, and purchasing from the Arena Shop. All $CAST spent in the game by players are burnt.

Target Development Dates

  1. July 2022 – Playable Demo Launch

Mint Heroes & Equipment and play the first Chapter of PVE Story Mode!

  1. December 2022 – Full Version Launch

Full version of game launch including PVE Story Mode, PVP Arena, Guilds, Mine Raids, and more!

  1. 2023 – New Features & Rebrand
  • New game features added over the year to add more various duties in-game.
  • Rebrand into Infinity Games Token and begin planning for the next game.
  • Planning for metaverse capabilities.


Team Members

  • William Cho – Project Manager
  • Blockchain Andy – Project Advisor
  • Grisha Asatrian – Blockchain Developer
  • Melanie Louw – In-house Graphics Designer
  • Ron Privado – Community Manager
  • Jake  – Community Moderator & PH Community Advocate

Collaborating Game Design & Development Studios

  • HPL Game Corporation
  • Definite Studios

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