March 2021 Updates

Posted by William Cho on March 5, 2022

Today I would like to share some development updates.

  1. After numerous of revisions, we have finally settled on our art style and have been producing revamps and remasters of units. We would like to share some revamped units!
  2. As promised, we are also showing Calix’s ultimate skill’s cutscene animation. It is included in this short update video after showcasing the units.
  3. Sneak peek at the current website wireframe. We are aiming for the website to release this month!
  4. We’ve successfully developed (I believe) the first on-chain TWAP oracle on Zilliqa. On testnet, works perfectly. Just running some tests over the weekend to ensure it works good on mainnet. The oracle is already deployed on mainnet We also believe future projects can utilize such oracle, so we are making the code public for anyone to replicate, modify, and use. Special thanks to Melvin from Zilstream for assisting us in the right direction to get this made!

We hope you guys enjoy this short clip! The next update from us…. we will show some of the in-app user interface. This blew our eyes out of our sockets.

We are also waiting on some production films from the studios where you can see them drawing and coloring on their devices in making Heroes of Lowhelm, a reality!