Monthly Development Report: APRIL 2022

Posted by William Cho on May 2, 2022

Written: 5/1/22

Hello Heroes of Lowhelm!
Today I would like to share some of the work that has been done in April. Before we right in, I hope you have checked out our latest Art & Animations Teaser.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look below:

HOL April 2022 – Art & Animations Update Teaser – YouTube

Art Department

Character Design

Heroes – We are almost finished with the final rendered designs of all the Heroes. We have shared a few in today’s teaser video. We have also begun production for Hero Sprites which are the moving assets in-battle.

Below are some sketches and a fully rendered for comparison:

Enemy Mobs – The production has recently begun and are on schedule for mass production.

Below, you can see some types of enemy Murins that you will face in Adventure mode:

Telegram/Discord Stickers – The stickers are nearly ready to launch! Here are a few to get an idea of how they’d look:

In-Game Battle Stage Environments – Quite a few of you asked about the stage backgrounds and it was hard to describe. Now, we can show you how it’d look actually in-game! Below are some stages from Valia (Chapters 1 and 2):

Animation Department

This department has shared some cutscenes for public view (Note: nothing is FINAL and not all are complete and are awaiting postproduction):

Game Development

Quite a bit has been developed into the game mechanics since the last monthly report. Below are some sneak peeks at the current statuses of the actual game application. Please keep in mind that nothing is final, values you see in-game are NOT correct. The graphics are far from being at its ideal state. Currently the battle sprites are just statics which will be replaced with actual battle sprites that animate upon any motion, including walking, attacking, idle…etc. We are still mainly focused on the MECHANICS of the actual gameplay.


Due to blockchain limitations, our blockchain developer had to re-do our minting and evolution contracts. The entire month of April was dedicated on these contracts. The contracts are now complete and are awaiting testing. Once testing is complete, we will proceed forward with the Game Contract.

Big thanks to the community!

We are very blessed to have a wonderful community full of supporters! It has started to show that our community is growing, and it means the world to us. We will continue to do what we had in planned, BUILD! Our team will always be around to help the community with any questions during our development phase. Thank you very much for your time in reading this report.

Hope your weekend was spectacular!



P.S. I was updating the video on the homepage banner however it seems I broke something and caused items to be misplaced around the page. The web developer will fix it tomorrow! My apologies.