Monthly Development Report: May 2022

Posted by William Cho on June 2, 2022


Another month has been marked off our calendars! We would like to share some of the work we’ve accomplished over the last month:

Video Game Art 

(A) Character Sprites – 

Character Sprites are coming along nice and well. Here we will show some sketches as well as rendered:

(B) Telegram Stickers – 

We have now static telegram stickers! The animated versions are in the works and will be coming soon!! Head to our Telegram channel to find the Stickers.

(C) Equipment Assets – 

Below are some Common Equipment assets:

(D) Loading Screens –

Some additional Loading Screens to show while waiting in-between screens:

(E) In-game Marketplace

Our in-game marketplace will include Buying, Selling, & Trading. Trading is where Sellers may list one or more assets (up to 10 per lot) with a description for offers in which then the Buyers can bid one or more assets including currency to make an offer for the lot. Sellers may also add in the option of a fixed Buy it Now price for the lot in $HOL. Below are some screenshots, nothing is finalized and still work in progress:

(F) Hero Expeditions (Hero Staking) –

Thanks to our new structure in core functions between the video game application and blockchain, we are now capable of offering Equipment drops in various features such as Hero Staking! Take a look at our current system layout!


Cut-scene Animations 

Currently, quite a bit of animations from the previously made are being revised. I was not 100% happy with the results and wanted it to be sure that I was completely satisfied, because I know it would mean others would be also. Our timing for cut-scene animations have been a bit delayed, we want to ensure top-notch quality in each scene!

Video Game Development 

The video game’s core mechanics are still being built every day. We’ve added on additional two game developers to try to speed things up.

Note: Please keep in mind any teasers below do not portray the final outlook of the video game. We still have tons to implement to make things look beautiful, stunning, and of course, functioning properly.

A Dialogue system has been added , Background Stage + Enemy Mobs added. It is not much to show visually. The Core Mechanics are still the main focus at the moment, please do understand!

Blockchain Development

Our blockchain developer Grisha, is a MACHINE! We have completed the entire blockchain side of the development! We are now waiting for a game developer to work with Grisha to start implementing blockchain functions into a test environment unity application to ensure the functions work correctly. We have came up with a solution to instantly summon units and equipment for Players upon purchasing. This also allows Players who love to mass summon do so without a problem! And yes, we are still minting on the Zilliqa blockchain 🙂

Lastly, as previously mentioned, our cut-scene animations are a bit delayed, and our core game is also not ready for Beta Launch in July. Our new target to launch Beta will be end of September of this year. However, as you may have noticed, the team has actually been working on the entire game, not just on the Beta. We are on track for end of the year/early next year for the Full Version launch! We will give Players who participated in the Whitelisting & Okipad Sales (all phases) to have First Access to the First Week of Beta! More information will be available in the near future.

Thank you everyone for your continued patience and trust, we are working hard to deliver an amazing product! By the way, we have came with an idea to invite Web2 Players to download and play our game while adding transactions to the Zilliqa blockchain without ever needing any cryptocurrency!  If Google and Apple can approve us, we can expect a much larger Playerbase 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!